Saturday, January 22, 2011


I'm doing a review I promise!

It's The Vampire Diaries though, and I finally finished watching it today, and I'm working on the script and this one will even have a video attached to it. Gotta say, I'm glad I didn't win the video contest, 'cause there's no way I'd be able to produce a video weekly and keep up with my real job.

So, those of you that are still here. Question for you. After TVD I'm doing Leverage (because it's filmed in the greatest city in the world, so I'm kind of obligated by home-town pride and all that). After that, though, I'm torn between Psych and Carnivale. Which would you rather see? Keeping in mind, of course, that Carnivale is a dead show.

Leave me a comment or send me an email, and while we're at it, my list is getting a tad sparse, so what else would you like to see me review?


  1. Does it have to be currently- or recently-running shows, or can it be ancient stuff?

    Never seen anything of Psych other than the ads, which made it seem silly. I've seen about 1.5 episodes of Carnivale, and I found it unpleasant to watch what I perceived as the brutality of poverty and ignorance.

    I should by no means be taken as representative of any demographic.

  2. It can be a dead show, but I'd rather keep it to recent stuff.

  3. In that case...

    Compare and contrast: Battlestars Galactica -- then and now.

    Lie to Me is often fun, with Tim Roth swaggering about everywhere.

    Another fun thing to do is to watch many episodes of House, then watch a couple of A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and realize that Hugh Laurie, despite being the front-and-center lead in a major prime-time drama, is criminally under-used.

  4. With those choices, I would go with Psych, only because it was the replacement for one of my favourite shows, Dead Like Me. So I wouldn't mind seeing you rip it a new one, although I don't know if it is bad enough to warrant it.

    A good bad (terrible really) show I would love to see you take apart is CSI: Miami, though you may want to rip out your eyes and scrub your brain by the end. The more recent the season, the worse it is. (As to why I would watch it if it is so bad, its one of those sacrifices that sometimes must be made for the sake of others)