Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feeding the Trolls

First thing's first: There was a bit of a conversation that you may want to be aware of for this one. I'm not going to recount it, but check out that link if you're interested or if this post doesn't make a ton of sense right off the bat.

So yeah, I got my first troll. It's not that I mind the criticism, in fact, I did ask for it. What I mind is that Liquidcathedral assumed that my goal is to be like Yahtzee and MovieBob, and then implied that they are only popular because of the cursing, blind hatred, and pop culture references.

Now, I would like to be as popular and widely viewed as Yahtzee and MovieBob. Duh. However, I want to be that popular because I express legitimate opinions, not because of the dick jokes. No I don't curse all that much. My vocabulary is large enough that I can express complex opinions far more fluently than four-letter words would seem to allow, expressive as curse words can be.

I also got called "Yahtzee's lost sister who reviews tv shows", and I'm not sure how to take that. Maybe it's a good association, what with Yahtzee actually being good and everything. Maybe it's implied that I'm the red-headed stepchild, you know, the one without talent. And that's terrible. So yeah, I'm a tad confused, but the guy also gave me legitimate criticism so I'm not too concerned.

But the troll. Yes, I know that another responder called me a troll, but he was very polite about it, so I don't mind; I did get rather more insulting than I'd like to admit, but I had fun responding to the blind baiting in what I feel was an appropriate manner. A manner inspired by Franklin Habit. Sadly I can't claim it, but I'm glad I got the opportunity to use it.

Now this got sort of tangental, but to sum up my feelings on the subject: I asked for criticism, not abuse, and if you're not a moderator on the Escapist, then you really have no place comparing me to "Escapist standards". Be polite to me, and I'll be polite to you. Give me an irrelevant statement, and you'll get one right back...


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