Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Pointless Rambling that You're Free to Ignore at Your Leisure

So It's been suggested to me by two utterly unrelated people and I've been considering it myself for some time, but perhaps I shouldn't be doing a video every single week.

Partly it's the quantity of material, partly it's that I do have to sleep at least occasionally, and partly it's that it's sort of a drag to spend my days watching bad TV. Admittedly this week wasn't at all bad, but for past three weeks I was trapped in here with the bad TV, a self-imposed deadline, and a steadily shrinking supply of patience. Also some friends and I are opening a gaming store here pretty quick, so I've got other things to occupy my time than needling television shows.

So! Depending on the reaction I get over this week, I may start posting videos every two weeks.


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